* Section 5 - Window Catches, Locks & Fittings

5-1352 A&L Key Lockable Sash Lock

$34.16 incl. GST

A&L sash lock, current version. Will work in place of 5-1350 and 5-1351 Comes with two keys.

* Section 1 - Door Roller Assemblies

1-1290 A&L Door Roller

$22.79 incl. GST

Adjustable sliding door  carriage with nylon roller suits A&L sliding doors 

* Section 1 - Door Roller Assemblies

1-1730 Aluminium Systems Door Roller

$23.33 incl. GST

Old Aluminium Systems single roller carriage. This product is no longer available and has been replaced by 1-1760 dual roller.  

* Section 1 - Door Roller Assemblies

1-1760 9000 Series Door Roller

$48.57 incl. GST

9000 series adjustable ASD dual roller carriage

* Section 10 - Hinges

10-1300 A&L French Door Hinge

$59.46 incl. GST

111mm Fairview Elite black door hinge suits A&L french doors

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