* Section 1 - Door Roller Assemblies

1-2510 MTM / Adelaide Windows Door Roller

$48.38 incl. GST

Adjustable sliding door carriage with nylon roller suits MTM/Adelaide Windows. For replacement roller use 2-1130. 1-3210 will work as a replacement roller, you just need to drill the side of the door to create an adjustment hole.   

$14.13 incl. GST

31.5mm nylon roller with 4.7mm axle. Suits sliding carriages, 1-2510 & 1-2550 carriages.    

$7.87 incl. GST

Sliding window carriage with plastic roller and brass axle suits MTM Windows & Adelaide Windows   

* Section 5 - Window Catches, Locks & Fittings

5-1160 MTM / Adelaide Windows Sliding Window Catch

$14.78 incl. GST

Sliding window catch & spring suits MTM and old Adelaide Windows. Part 5-1981 and 5-1980 are a direct replacement for this item.

* Section 5 - Window Catches, Locks & Fittings

5-1450 MTM / Adelaide Windows Sliding Window Lock

$33.59 incl. GST

Lockable window handle suits MTM / Adelaide Windows sliding windows. This item can also be replaced by 5-1980.

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