* Section 2 - Rollers

2-1050 29mm Nylon Roller with Axle

$9.98 incl. GST

29mm nylon roller with 4mm axle    

* Section 2 - Rollers

2-1060 Dowell Flydoor Roller

$4.46 incl. GST

Dowell flydoor roller used with 3-2430 corner stake

* Section 2 - Rollers

2-1070 30mm Nylon Roller with Axle

$17.11 incl. GST

30mm nylon roller with 6.3mm axle    

* Section 2 - Rollers

2-1100 Sylon Homestic Roller

$28.50 incl. GST

Replacement wheel to suit Sylon Homestic (Rollerco part 1-2600) fitting set for internal timber sliding doors.

$25.55 incl. GST

39mm nylon heavy duty commercial roller including roll pin axle suits sliding commercial doors fitted with 11-1670    

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