* Section 1 - Door Roller Assemblies

1-1011 Wunderlich Door Roller

$19.68 incl. GST

Heavy duty roller carriage suits Comalco/Wunderlich 2V series sliding doors. Carriage fitted with premium glass filled nylon tyre and stainless steel bearings. Replacement roller is 2-1011.

* Section 1 - Door Roller Assemblies

1-1032 Trend Door Roller

$28.08 incl. GST

Flanged sliding door carriage with premium nylon roller, suits Trend, Statesman, Alulite & Vincent

* Section 1 - Door Roller Assemblies

1-1041 Dowell Security / Timber Door Roller

$27.84 incl. GST

Non flanged carriage suits Dowell sliding security doors and some timber doors

* Section 1 - Door Roller Assemblies

1-1516 Pro Glide Door Roller with Stainless Steel Rollers

$133.08 incl. GST

Anthony Innovations dual stainless steel roller carriage to suit Alspec Pro Glide doors. For replacements use 1-1515, 1-1513 & 1-1514

* Section 1 - Door Roller Assemblies

1-1540 Timber Door Roller – Stainless

$182.43 incl. GST

Timber door dual roller carriage with stainless steel rollers. See also 1-1520, 1-1530 & 1-1590.

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